Posted in October 2012

10/31/2012 Wednesday

Enough excitement for me … Here it is, end of October 2012 and the same type of thieves have broken into our cars AGAIN just to tear out the dash grabbing the radio, Garmin, and anything else they could get. Tool box was used to knock out the window. The truck was parked in our … Continue reading

10.27/2012 Thursday

G’d morning,   I was awakened to the metal sound that alarms everyone about 3:30am.  Got the 911 called and was looking for whoever is breaking the law at this unGodly hour.  My nerves are unhinged after this past week.  So many serious ups n downs.  I need just quiet.  Where’s John Wayne when you … Continue reading

10/25/2012 Thursday

I’m still adjusting to my new meds (for the diabetes, high blood pressure and more that we will attend to later) and listening to my body talk back … heck … can’t say shut up, I’m needing to do things! Son is achy/breaky in his moods – brought me a yummy couple of sopapias last … Continue reading

10/13/2012 Saturday

It’s a dreary looking day in Dallas.  Trying to rain but it can’t make up it’s mind yet.  Very overcast with puffy cloud ranging from dark to light grey.  Maybe, just maybe, Mother Nature will water us today.  Summer was very hot and dry.  Rain is welcome around here before winter comes. BamBam is coping … Continue reading

10/11/2012 Thursday

It’s late afternoon here.  It’s been a hectic day.  Up early to get BamBam to the Veterinary Eye Institute where Dr John Warren worked on her face to save her sight.  The meds he had given me were helping but her facial structure had extra skin causing something similar to a swelling that prevented good … Continue reading

10/05/2012 Friday

G’d morning to all, It was off to the doctor for me yesterday. She complimented me heavily on looking so prim n fresh (?) said I was looking very healthy, then we got down to business. She’d missed her appt and thought I was coming in on the 9th instead. ok … her English is … Continue reading

10/04/2012 Thursday

Life is so serious, we need more humor … Janice threw a tantrum and cursed my son out because when she did a surprise visit here Sat and I was working a whole 3 hours, I couldn’t visit with her…. nor let her n the kid in to play with my dogs. I had 2 … Continue reading

10/01/2012 Monday

G’d morning ev1 It’s still raining here in Dallas and the temps are still very cool … I may stay in bed till my one hour working this afternoon. Yesterday, we just had a laid back type day till the sun set, then son went to check on his truck over all the noise coming … Continue reading