09/30/2012 Sunday

G’d morning all,


My headset is from Radio Shack, but was about $40 + tax. It works fairly well unless a kid screams outside and then you can hear my furbabies all the way to the corner and only the mute button helps me…. I have a sign on my front door to “Keep it down, I’m on the phone!” which the mothers in the neighborhood have protested to but it’s none of their business until they pay my taxes, which I have been known to say … heck, they don’t even mow my yard or help me up when I fall so they can just shut up whining outside too.


Yesterday, while I was working a few hours, cousin came popping over, big ole smile on her face expecting to visit at a whim’s notice.  I jumped up, after making busy, told her I was working and couldn’t.  Hurt her feelings so she huffed off.  She called my son later really angry & crying.  She’s had a hysterectomy so I’ve no clue about all this drama & illusionary conversation but I don’t have time for it.  I’ve financially helped her, wonder where she thinks the money comes from?  Fairy Godmother?  well, I don’t have one … guess, she really does need a shrink, hope she goes, cause I sure don’t feel like being one.  I may be forced to excuse myself from this circle soon cause my nerves can’t take this crap.  I can/will walk away.  Done it before…


The plumbers have finished.  Well yahoooooo.  Now to shampoo the entire house of the muddy prints left everywhere….. what a mess!  This is going to take me weeks to feel comfy again here.  As the song goes, THERE’RE EVERYWHERE, THERE’RE EVERYWHERE!  I feel the dirt in every pore of my being.  Claustraphobia of dirt is real … is like sinking in mud pit with no one around to throw a lifeline.  calling 9-1-1 cleaning crew makes them laugh after the second or third call … for things they didn’t clean on the first trip.  Having company with ten questions/cookies or candies per 3 minutes was not my idea of a good time.  DRINK TIME … aren’t you proud of me?  I didn’t …


Got a new movie – Honky Tonk Freeway.  I hear it is adult funny.  The music is truely inviting so far.  Boot scooting stuff so should be relaxing when I have a few min.


Got my NuBrilliance machine I won from high sales and haven’t even had a chance to open the box yet…. whimper.  I want to get off ten years.  Add a egg/muffin with strawberry jam/coffee and take off years sounds like a plan to me…. it just doesn’t get to happen cause everyone around me has problems.  Do I have your permission to slam my door?  I don’t ever remember doing that.  I’ve seen it done a lot but.  At 65, I feel I’ve earned the fun of slamming a door – my own.  I want my privacy.  “No spoiled children allowed” sign may be added to my front door too.


I also may locate the local Square Dancing Club again.  I was a member when my son was small.  It was so much fun and got my circulation in pretty good shape.  After I have my next checkup, I’ll talk with the doctor about it.  They were all really good people and fun to be with.  Very cheap entertainment in a safe group.


Looks like more rain in Dallas today and our temperatures are in the 50s.  I’ll be on the phones as much as I can tolerate so invoices can be pending.  Just scrubbed the dickens outta myself, pot of beans/cornbread cooking, hot coffee brewing, pups did their business outside willingly after a few days of this rain missing stomping in the grass.  LOL, they got tired of looking outside at the misting rain and gave up, went out.  They love the potty patches but it’s not the same thing as real grass, who are we trying to kid?  love my furbabies…. we were up till nearly 3am, snacking on granola and watching Bobbie on TV so I am just not ready to start my day yet.  I really want an extention but … life goes on no matter what, please forgive my ramblings … I am only one in a million with squirrels in the family attic …



I pray the world be good to each of you today.

Ready for GOD to turn on the lights now!


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