09/28/2012 Friday

what in the world are we doing up before GOD?


I even have coffee waiting on HIM …


Janice may have driven me nuts yesterday when she dropped by saying she’d locked herself out of the house.  Son went running over, with Tasha, and replaced the doorlock.  Also, she went with him to get his Dodge Ram from the tranny shop – he was ok with it.  He didn’t seem perfectly happy but happy.  I think he’s tired of being a total perfectionist and just happy it runs n pulls on its on…. thank the Lord.  Nearly $2K from my IRA that I’ll never see again.  Then back to showing her how to find places online.  THEN, she started telling me about ppl who’d done this n that to her laptop, which had nothing to do with what I had said WOULD work to get her a job.  My head was hurting as Tasha was asking tons of questions about “what’s this and why is this here?” ok, enough company for me and the furbabies got on the couch panting, begging for silence too.  hint hint P-L-E-A-S-E ???  bless their little hearts … we’re one of a kind all right … come next lifetime, I’ll have to come back as a dog.  It’s my destiny!  I’ll try to smile!  I will definity be a tail wagger …

I found it very difficult to listen as Janice asked about hearsay from dead relatives comments.  I really don’t like to go into that, never did, but now that she’s getting in her late 50s, she seems to recap and drive people away from her this way.  So many people have commented, after running from her, that her pettiness is insane.  egads, and how.  I almost cried at the insinuations I heard.  I don’t like to talk ill of the dead since they are gone and can’t defend themselves and we shouldn’t have to.  What happened, happened, can’t be changed now, nor does it matter.  I just go forward as best as I can.

She consumes a lot of salt.  When I say a lot, I do mean a LOT.  That also creates a need for a lot of inhaler meds.  I am concerned of her need for inhaler meds since every time I turn around she is using her inhaler!  My RX says use every 4 hrs…. I’ve not had a need for it for several years now.  BUT, I will not throw it away, just in case…. Last month, my chest got really tight when son threw a tantrum and broke a big antique mirror by throwing his cellphone at it.  That cost $300 to replace his cellphone (he did pay for this cost but not the mirror yet and did try to clean up the broken glass after sleeping).  I needed 2 puffs but that was all.  I can’t remember when I used the thing before that.  It expired in 09.  I didn’t ask for a renewal.  I don’t wheeze anymore since I quit smoking.  Now to be able to walk more stable would be nice but that has something to do with my hips, knees, ankles, feet.  My salt intake was lowered way back when I was pregnant with my son in ’74 and I’ve not increased it much over time.

We have rain coming – my butt is telling me so.  The plumber is coming in a few hours to fix the pipe that broke a few days ago and the one he broke.  My water bill is going to astromonmical but I told him to make an invoice so I can give it to the City to help me.  He laughed, said ok.  I’m sure it’s because I didn’t fuss at him for breaking the pipe when I heard him do it…. why fuss?  he’s a kid, they break stuff.  Another reason? I’m not getting MORE patient, I am getting less.  Let them go break stuff somewhere else.  I am tired in my old age.  Go break feelings/things somewhere else.  I need rest – going back to bed awhile.  Let the rain come.  There’s been very little time in my life when I could sleep when it rained – I usually worked like a trojan cleaning.  Where’s the music to sleep by, please?  I’ve worked enough in my life to get the rest now … I might even start yelling back at these neighbors to shut up!  who cares if my 38 yo son is out in the backyard at 9:30 at night? … Cory, 4309 came running over here, waking me up to scream that the other night! … what a dunce cap he is! son fiddles with his stuff quietly, like a mouse.  I got up n checked on him.  He had his cellphone on him if he fell n needed me.  I’ve no clue why I needed to be bothered by this clueless idiot.  Just wait till his 3 kids get older – I could drive him to the nut house … or just silence would do it better.

I am really looking forward to getting my Mercury Grand Marquis out of the shop so I can drive in a nice car that is mine…. it looks goooooood.  I deserve it.  I have earned it.  I am worth.  I am a rose.


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