09/27/2012 Thursday

Am still sloshing around in wet carpet here.  I think the plumber broke some pipes and didn’t want to admit it.  Looks like I am the one to be paying for it.  Something tells me I am a money cow this month … that’s not going over too well with me.


Son’s Dodge is fixed and again, ready for pickup.  They said if it doesn’t run right this time, just bring it back, again … no word on my Mercury’s front end work yet.  It wouldn’t pass Inspection regarding front end alignment.


Janice is trying to use her laptop to start wahjs of some kind.  Now to get her to stop inhaling so much so she’ll talk right.  She gets nervous and inhales instead of just deep in/out breathing.  I’ve not heard her wheeze yet.  I believe she needs a new doctor.  Of course her nerves are a mess from all she’s been thru.  A good tranquilizer would be very beneficial but asking for them makes doctors in our area VERY tense … especially since her son is in jail due to trafficking.  I forget how many more years but due to the details on that, it isn’t enough.  I blame him for Aunt Martha’s demise.  He threw a fit in front of her and it was just too much for a 70+yo to handle and she had a major stroke.  She never recovered…. RIP … Janice now needs help buying another computer for working at home.  I’ve been walking her thru downloading IE8, antivirus programs/scrubbers etc., then reminding her to clean.  She whinned a lot but I reminded her I did all this alone, as I had surgeries, since my MVA …. I had personal computer experience, lots of switchboard, but no internet experience.  This is a whole new world.  She keeps trying to sign up for spending/not earning.  duhhhh?  Makes me need a drink!  Last night, I tried to also tell her about transcription work.  egads … an hour of “I don’t think I can do that! … my head hurts and I can’t type for certain times … blah blah blah …”  you’d think I’d tried to say 9 hours a day, when I did not.  She’s bad about talking over me. WAY WAY WAY too much salt intake …  As she gets off the inhaler some, she’ll be good at taking IB calls cause she talks so much and she can read/speak English so well.  Her punctuation/grammar is pretty good so transcription should be a natural as she improves her breathing/speed/endurance.  She dropped outta school very young.  Tasha is in school so she can wah while the youngster is in school.  They’ll be able to live alone this way with a lot less chaos around them.

God is good.  She might even go to church some day….  Everybody yell hallelujah!!! I sure would to save a soul.  But I don’t preach to her, none of us need that in stressful times, we need the friendly hugs and know someone cares.  I try …


BamBam is healing nicely but I know I have to schedule her eye surgery.  I hope to do this during the cooler months to make it easier on her.  My heart is breaking to know how miserable she will be, even for a little while.  She will be so scared, not understanding what is going on, nor why, this is being done…. I just wish she knew it is really for her best health.  It will be, in the long term, to save her sight.  The Vet said, that at 10yo, it will help her live longer and still see, or be totally blind within a year.  I can’t let that happen to my little furry girl.  I made a promise when I picked her up.  I can’t break it now.  We’re friends.


Well, enough, I pray everyone have a lovely day.  Back to sucking up water … oh fun!  I am just very thankful my carpet shampooer works well and my back isn’t out of place at the moment … it is just threatening me.


Be well and share a smile – they don’t cost you anything!


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