09/25/2012 Tuesday

Good morning America,

I do associate myself with Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam” in some sense.  His energy, vigor for beliefs, sincerity in honesty, love of life… I just wish I had his wit.  I’m working on that.  He’s one of my favorite actors.  I was reading in my favorite chat site and found that Bonnie Franklin has come down with pancreatic cancer.  That’s enough to bring tears to my eyes.  I lost my George, stepfather of 47 years, to that.  I took care of him his last year, 24/7, to his last breath.  I heard his last words, “I love you” and then his last breath and he was gone in a mist.  I almost passed out.  That’s all I can write about that now….

We found a water leak yesterday under the toilet in the middle bathroom and the front toilet floor is wet this morning so I’ve called Alex.  He was here last night working on it.  Son turned the water off all day yesterday to conserve.  That was rough.  I’d forgotten how clean I try to stay and without water to rinse my hands often, it was tough.  Seems the acids David poured down the upstairs drain ate the pipes, so here we go again.  I am finding more and more damages caused by him.  I ask God’s help.  Not only was he verbal but physical… We will survive this, somehow.  Texas TOUGH is what I keep reminding myself to keep my spirits up.  My son’s eyes just stay large in shock.  He spent most of his time at work during those years so he didn’t hear/see what was going on, except that I spent a lot of time in bed or in surgeries.  This is going to be expensive, Alex said, but he will try to keep the price down since he knows I am on SSD and even though son is trying to do what he can to bring in a little money, his tax return, according to the IRS-retired tax man said he went $2K in debt.

My neighbors are getting the heat from the Iranian female Code Compliance now.  Cory, next door, came over here fussing about 9:3-pm about son being in the backyard again.  MY BACKYARD.  He goes nuts every now n then.  When his tree fell on my house a few years ago, he refused to cover the damages totally.  Allstate covered most of mine and didn’t sue him also said if I did, I would have to turn the check over to them or be sued myself by them.  I didn’t understand that at all.  He didn’t cover anything in regard to my damages, not even my deductible and Allstate increased my insurance costs due to being in a danger zone since he claimed NO FAULT.  I was angry.  Needless to say, I don’t talk to him.  He’s divorced that crazy wife who kept trying to talk to me by talking over the fence in back “Betty, this is your mother talking to you” … or screaming in the front yard every time she saw me come out of the house that I was going to hurt her.  David & son didn’t believe me until son hid one day and she did it.  Then he witnessed it himself.  They divorced not long afterwards.  He got another gal pregnant and she lives there now.  Cute baby boy – hope he doesn’t start destroying my property like this man’s other two boys have done, before they moved and sometimes, since.  They’ve made it rough to live here.  BUT, my house is paid for … George gave it to me, free n clear, per mother’s instructions.

I’ve met a new M.D. I think I’ll like since going on  Medicare B.  She’s 61 and done quite a bit of traveling.  Had to do her residency 4 times because of going to different countries.  Her office manager is a total clutz and that area looks like a fire hazard.  Nice location and close to the house with great parking.  Her speciality is heart/surgery so I may be in good hands, should I need those.  She talked with me some and said she did want to do some tests regarding my falls.  Also said that later, she’d like to take time to talk more about my death experience.  I’m ok with that.  It was special to me and I don’t mind sharing what I heard spoken by GOD for 13 minutes.  I am a different person since being sent back.  Like I told her, there’s been a lot of books written about these so I saw no need to repeat, it happens.  I’m just ONE of the lucky ones HE chose.  She was very interested in my husband’s attitude about the MVA and when I told her about his comments at the ER she almost cried…. I just stated facts to her.  At that point, we connected, like old friends.  My mental image was of two raggety old ladies in a war camp, surviving the holocaust.  I’ve no clue why, but sometimes, I just get images from people.  She was born in Argentina.  She is married now.

Son has gone to Sqaw Mountain for a day or so to help them however he can.  It’s a resort hunting place.  When no hunters are there, he tries to repair their vehicles, both the ones ppl hire and their personal ones.  They give him free room & board, plus some pay to repair whatever.  He’s happy as a clam about the arrangement.  I’m not sure about how much he ends up getting out of it since the gas is so much both ways, but he loves the ppl and getting away from home for awhile.  Sometimes they take him on hunts too.   Almost like another family now.  All guys.  All ages over 21 and they are related.  No drugs so that makes me happy.  Good first aid kit plus aspirin.  He twisted his ankle once while there and they called home to be sure he took good care of it.  I felt so good about them.  It was his weak ankle too.  Took about 3 weeks to stop limping.  High top boots helped.  I still have my air casts and we sure used them to be safe.  I love our Chiropractor too.  Dr Raymond has been such a help keeping us mobile when things don’t want to work n spasms spring.  We laugh hard when we have to call n ask him to “pull our leg” cause that sounds so weird but it’s the truth.  Hips are getting old, even at son’s young age of 38.  Hope science does get better.  Our County Clinic has son scared because of the way they treated me & him.  They hurt me and made him wait on a “referral” then said they refused it.  He just got up and came home in pain, refusing to go back there.  Dr R IS where he’ll go.  We pay him as we can.  He works with us on that – thank the Lord for kind people.

I’ll be contacting the Eye Specialist for BamBam soon for her face surgery to help keep some sight in one eye.  The other eye will have to have glacoma surgery to restore sight.  I’m not looking forward to this but do plan on it being done.  The first surgery I hope to get sch’d in cooler temperatures so it’ll be easier on her to sleep more.

My Mercury is still in the shop for front end work.  It was worked on about 1 1/2 yrs ago but when we took it in for Inspection, it failed.  Said it needed more straightening so back to that same shop.  Now they can’t find the work order.  hummm.  Paid over $275 from son’s memory.  They’ll fix it and son says they also may do the inspection on it.  I’m ok with that.  I’m eager to drive it since he says it drives like a dream.

His Dodge is still in the shop.  The tranny has parts on backorder.  I forgot what it’s problem was but it was minor.  Still was something son couldn’t do because of his back injury – he’s still spasming when trying to lift more than 30 lbs or pull.  I’ve heard from others with this type of injury and they said it takes YEARS to recover.  I do hope he recovers.  He tried to apply for SSDI and they turned him down and made him angry.  He breaks things around here when he gets angry.  The last thing was a hugh antique mirror that will cost a few hundred dollars to replace and scared the shit outta me as he bounced up n down screaming.  It’s a total nervous breakdown cause when he gets rest, he’s back to his normal nice self.  He can’t handle a lot of stress without good rest…. just like a normal person.

Son found out last week that Lori Castanada who has been chasing him for the past 2+ years, has been going behind his back and propositioning every man he introduced her to.  Every one…. saying she NEEDS sex.  How embarassing for him.  He kept telling me she was a misunderstood lady.  NOT … and that was what I was telling him because I could see it in her from the get-go.  Moms know best.  He finally got the title of his truck from her.  I didn’t know she’d put the title in her name.  He bought it from her brother using his money.  She was supposed to give it to him but instead, put it in her name.  How bad can you get?  Even her brother was angry about that … it was her way of hanging on to my son.  She is still married to the ex co-worker of my son, he is at GISD, he was supposed to be the one who helped son do the tranny work on a bus, & suddenly got lost, thus, son got hurt on job…. looks very suspicious to me.  Rumor was Lori was involved with Supr prior to making plays on my son & husband threw violent tantrums thinking it was my son all along… even came here to house, with son, told me his wife will love living here.  I had no clue what he was talking about since son never mentioned meeting her and hadn’t yet.  Afterwards, this guy asked him over to his house to help work on his motorcycle and all this crap began – she clung to son.  Son got hurt, laid off, she chased us … egads … it’s been a terrible nightmare

I applied for the free cellphone a couple of days ago.  Hope to save myself $55 a month and balance out the Med B costs, somehow.  Since I keep having balance issues, I know I’ll be going for testing and that’ll cost me something.  I hope I get it without problems.  Told cousin about it too since she’s on SSD and raising grandbaby.

I just hope n pray Code Compliance leaves me alone.  I found this lovely guy n son to do work for me but I just cannot pay a lot or often to do the work that needs to be done.  He understands, she doesn’t care.  She’s from another country and doesn’t care about anything but her reputation/stats.  I wish she’d be deported.  Her presence scares me.  Her comment to me “we are coming” was not necessary and then the news about Iran doin harm to US troups really rang a bell…. she knew!  I don’t know why City of Dallas hired her except for the quotas.

well, enough chatter for now.  Off to sop up water from the floor.  Alex said he’d be back on Friday.


Keep smiling!  it could be worse, we could be swimming in shit….






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