09/20/2012 Wednesday

It’s been quite an exciting few days since I was here.

Been fighting with my blood pressure something very seriously.  Nearly 200/180.  Have new doctor appointment tomorrow and I must admit, I am looking forward to it although, just getting things to settle down around here is the answer to most of it.

Lori Castanada has been chasing my son for the past 2 1/2 years all hot n heavy like a dog in heat.  She’s married to an ex-coworker from GISD who disappeared when he was supposed to be helping son do a tranny job on a bus.  That’s when son got hurt and the Supervisor refused to write it up.  WOW, did son get angry and I don’t blame him but I’ve been trying to settle him down and just do the best we can with a nasty situation.  Workers Comp said he was hurt and the Supervisor was at fault and should have written it up to take care of him so it left us hanging… with the bills.  Nasty words here.  Son spasms often and I get him to the Chiro (ActivChiro) who has been great.  We talked to 2 attorneys who tried but failed to really help.  Lori just picks at this to keep the anger out there so she’ll have an opening.  Now I find she’s gone to about all the family I know and is calling them to keep in touch since he’s trying to get away from her.  She has a job and he’s trying to do Mobile ASE Tech work which is very flexible, not like hers.  She’s gotten us into trouble with Code Compliance about coming late at night to work on her car too.  Am about to get a ticket for that but I can’t prove he’s not operating a business out of our home…. she won’t stop coming here even though I’ve told her to.  I even called the Police!  They were no help at all.  Makes me wonder what all these taxes are for?  Got a call from Janice yesterday, seems Lori has been calling Mark and going over there, propositioning him, begging him to have sex with her.  duhhhh … maybe she’ll find someone with enough time on their hands and maybe get into drugs, possibly get caught and get her butt in jail which will cool her off.  Dear God, I hope so.  My son needs to be away from this Mexican MARRIED bitch from hell that has no respect for anyone.  She has a 13 yo daughter she is ignoring now!! sent her back to the daddy cause she got in her way for chasing men.  Son didn’t believe at first.  Does now and he is running.  Over the past year, the only reason he talked to her was she held the title to the work truck he bought and refused to release it to him.  He bought it from her brother and she picked up the title but instead of giving it to son, she transferred it into her name.  Just another thing to hold on to him…. he has been brought up to respect women and be a nice person so … I pray God send the right lady to him.  He deserves a GOOD person as a mate before I’m gone.  I’d like to know he’ll be ok and not lonely while I’m off with the angels.

Today, I signed up for the Lifelink cellphone thingy.  Since I am on Social Security and 65 now, low income, I qualify.  Hallelujah.  I may not have to pay the $55/mo for my cellphone that I feel the need to keep on me.  I keep falling and it is such a relief to know I can call for help.

Son finally got his taxes out of the way by going to my tax man.  Sorry to hear that the man had died suddenly and the one who took it over is a retired IRS person but he does have lots of experience and son will listen to him.  Like I’ve been telling son, you didn’t make any money last year, I supported you on my SS.  oh well, kids usually don’t listen & believe until someone else tells them the same words.  That’s what happened here.  His eyes sure got big and I just had to snicker at seeing him in shock.  Through all the lies Lori had been telling him and all the spasms he’d experienced, he thought I’d been exaggerated.  NOT … Mother knows best.  I just hope n pray I can keep this up.  I don’t have all the answers but do try to stay honest with him.  Like all young people, they need someone on their side, through thick n thin.

Seems as if Janice, my cousin, may be on her own, alone.  The gal who stole her car hasn’t been caught yet.  It may have electrical problems.  Son’s spasms are bad enough we’re not sure if he can work on it even at her house.  bummer.  That’ll be expensive.  We’re loaning her one of ours so she can keep Tasha, her grandbaby in school.  My Mercury & son’s Dodge are in the shop thanks to the Code Compliance gal.  I just refuse to let the City tow them off to auction.  When they get out, we’ll have an abundance.

Well, I need to nap – my BP has sure taken a hit from all the excitement around here this past week.  I hope the kid down the street got a whipping real hard and the mother got a stern warning from the Police to not bother the neighbors or else.  I also hope the Code lady goes back to Iran plus takes a History course… 09/11 hit me real hard seeing those babies come thru Dallas all blank eyed after losing all their family.  I cried myself to sleep over that sight and still have days I get all emotional, wondering what happened to them.

May God watch over my home and family.  Protect us from evil …




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