09/13/2012 Thursday

Good morning!

Today I got an email from AARP about all the Seniors having troubles and how we should be feeling sorry for them.  Well, I am among those.  It saddens me to realize how harsh it has gotten that I have to respond to them telling about:


Code Compliant came to my home on 09/11 to harass about 2 vehicles we’ve been trying to get repaired, and stickered them.  She also took pictures. They were behind a wooden fence, on improved concrete yet she tresspassed to sticker them for City tow-off.  She kept saying we are operating a business out of our home too.  I do have a website selling Herbalife, and have a online Call Center.  My son does MOBILE ASE Tech work.  She refused to listen or didn’t have a good enough understanding of the English language. She was Iranian, I believe.  She did lie, saying she’d had this job for 2 years.  I am 65.  Just to keep the vehicles from being confiscated so the City can auction them off to make money at my expense, I had one towed to a transmission shop and the other is being worked on at a shop for the front end alignment.  She stood there while my son started it, since he had the only key, and was almost rude about it to him.  This type person doesn’t need to be doing this job. I almost had to go to the ER after she left from high blood pressure.  She said she’s coming back to be sure we trim the tree branches in the alley no one uses, so they are exactly 15 feet off the ground, as that’s code.  She is attempting to persecute us for anything she can get away with – you better not get tired and leave anything out for her to see.  I am going to have to build more fence for privacy.
The (6yo) child down the street who has been harassing us, yelled at me upon my arrival back home from getting the car to the shop, “my mom reported you”… this is the same child who poked my dog thru my fence.  Rides on the outside of their van down the street ~20mph for fun with mother driving, rides a skateboard type thing in the middle of an avenue, plus, will walk into anyone’s house if the door isn’t locked.  They’re new to the neighborhood.  CPS needs to know them because obviously, manners are not on the list of things being taught or the child just refuses to listen.  The mother has 5 children.  They are about the 4314( range of houses on) Somerville Ave, a two story red brick.  Just look for 2 kids running around outside, the girl and a younger boy yelling n screaming, who are almost never inside.
You want to help Seniors?  Try working on the City first, then the younger generation, to respect us, as we’ve been the ones working so they could live as well as they do now.  I became disabled from a car wreck in 2000 and am just trying to be quiet and stay alive.  I still have a lot of migraines and blood pressure problems.
BUT, I felt, due to what’s going on, they needed a personalized story.  I copied a girl who works for the Dallas Morning News contributing articles on worthy items.  Maybe she’ll take an interest and find something that will assist in restoring the peace.
I have a neighbor who’s sick tree fell on us a few years ago is now trying to get my son to convince me to pay half of his fence replacement – how bizarre can life get?  He’d refused to pay for HIS tree damage to my house!  I don’t think so and I don’t care about the politics either.  His first wife tried to drive me bonkers by going in the backyard talking over the fence saying “Betty, this is your mother speaking to you” then when she was out front and I’d be going to my car, she’d start screaming help,  that I was going to hurt her … I’m glad she moved and took the 2 boys with her because they were destructive of my place.  I caught her taking my mail too.  He, on the other hand, flirts with every skirt that comes around.  He has another one now because he got her pregnant.  Cute baby, but I stay my distance from them.  My yard is my yard.  I told the Police but saw nothing done.  Seems a waste of time.
This is Happy Birthday month to me and I must say, I am very thankful to all the places who’ve sent me emails and little gifts of deserts.  That is such a nice thoughtful thing to do.  Good business idea too.
BamBam’s eyes seem to be improving with the Specialists meds.  One eye won’t need the surgery but the other will.  Her face will need the surgery he talked about.  I’ll most likely need calming meds … she’s my baby girl.  The one the girl down the street poked thru the fence then lied to her mother about doing it.  BamBam’s problem is mostly glaucoma.  Little girl didn’t help her pain … that mother retaliated with getting a gang in front of my house to fuss about my yelling at her precious daughter who didn’t do anything.  I called the Police and emailed them.  She’s an idiot.  I never left my yard, they did, so that’s harassment and disturbing the peace.
gotta rush off to pickup my Mercury at the alignment place.  Chat again later in the day.  Be well.

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