09/12/2012 Wednesday

G’d morning everyone.

It’s a nice brisk clear morning here in Dallas.
Birds chirping away, humming cars carrying folks off to work. Hump

My thoughts are wishing my whiny assed neighbors would find another
place to park their butts. Yesterday my thoughts were on the date, being
respectful, and excellent Chiros n such, but got into a total chaos by dark.
Finally, settled down by 10pm with my meds. To explain some, 9/11 is more than
just a tragic day in American history, it was my grandfather’s birthday. The one
who raised me. Next, Janice’s car’s tranny started acting weird at the
Inspection place and is barely pulling itself along – part of its security
system telling it to shut down. NEXT, son got a Certified letter from Lori
demanding the truck back, which is in her name. He paid it off from purchasing
from her son but never got title released to him. She’s holding it. A last means
to keep him in contact with her. Late last night, she texted him that she’d
talked to his exBoss and wanted to talk to him. I sent him yest afternoon to the
attorney to get all this straighten out. He said go to the Court House in her
county (Garland) and sue under small claims court so stop it all. He was there
when the Dallas Code Compliance officier decided to harass me. Seems she is
positive we are operating a business out of the home. I got paperwork to sign on
the two vehicles, stickered that she was going to have them seized within a few
days and they are on private property. Many have said she cannot go on private
property, behind a fence and do that unless you have been reported by someone.
Well, she did….to me. Son and I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and had the truck
towed to a tranny shop. The Mercury will be insured today, battery installed,
the rest done today. Not a lot to do on it, but she didn’t believe me. Iranian
woman. Not a good choice of person to send to my house on 09/11. I was not a
happy camper. AND, she’d written up a lot of paperwork on others about putting
out limbs for carryoff too early in the month and this is our week for pickup.
She lied, saying she’d had this job for two years – I know different. The other
guy knew better than to go on to private property! Now to find who to report her
to. This is costing me a pretty penny. Son had been looking at Janice’s car, so
the hood was up – this is the one she said was being worked on and that made my
residence a working place instead of a residence. I am sick to death of being
harassed. My George complained of this stuff too when the house was being
repaired but those neighbors died off. I almost needed the ER last night from
the headache/high BP that came on. Son is taking scrap metal to the scales this
morning. Seems he’d been bring home the parts from doing repairs on location and
stock piling behind the garage. All hidden from view. I had no standing water.
Better empty my water barrels before she goes into the back yard or she’ll
surely fine me. Did I mention she was Iranian? That alone got me for a 09/11
visit all the way to my gut … not a good day if she any sense at all, to come
bothering folks. Janice drove the Ford I’ve been driving, home, to pickup Tasha
from school and if I need to go anywhere, it’ll be the old truck, for a while.
Son was supposed to go to Sqaw Mountain for working a few days, but all this
came up and he stayed here to help me. I really hate this Code person. I called
my City worker friend, Wendel, who is coming by this afternoon to help with the
tree trimming she demanded. We have the alleyway trees 10ft up, but she is
demanding 15ft. No one drives down that but she said Code says … I may have to
buy signs for her saying POSTED Private Property, no entrance. Makes my place
look tacky but will put her in her place.

I’m ready for more meds. What
a crappy day that one was. I hope today is better. Like Mom used to say – “I
wanna go out n kill something”. I bought EXTERMINATOR ROOT & GRASS KILLER
and plan to use it today. No green in areas for us. I looked up/down the
alleyway and told her she really has her job cut out for her cause ours was the
prettiest one, not even worked on, yet here she is harassing me, then she
stickered our vehicles sitting on improved concreted area without weeds/grass, behind a 6′ wood fence, covered up mostly by a tarp because of the hail recently.   The recent Code man said “no problem”… she must be constipated.
THAT IS A CLEAR CASE OF HARASSMENT … I wonder why she didn’t see the black mold coming from that house next door.  They harassed the old lady across the street so much she moved out into an apt till she died, several years, and that house sat empty … I never saw any mold from it.

Obviously, the City of Dallas has no respect for the elderly, disabled, or anyone else for that matter, or they would have not given me a rough time when they drove their dozer on my property a few years ago, breaking up my driveway parking in back, then calling me a liar for two years.  A year after that, they called me to say the workers admitted they did it.  They never paid for the damages …. just told me to fix it.  This was done so the Water Dept could put in a clean out for the neighbor across the alleyway.  His house was repo’d.  The lady who lives there now fusses about everything.  And, I mean EVERYTHING.  She lives alone and planted bamboo to get more privacy.  My folks were City ordered to remove bamboo from our yard saying it was not City approved.  hummmmm.  I guess the loudest whiner gets their way with the City of Dallas?


Son is on his way to scales with scrap, neighborhood is filled with strange ppl driving around, going thru stuff at curb. just looking for reusable things.  What a mess to clean up.  I stayed at the front door for a long time, waving them away.  They’ll even come up into your yard and take off things if you don’t watch.  I lost a TV antenna that way, when we were relocating it and son had come in to potty.  I dislike being bullied …. get disabled and you meet a lot of those.


May the day continue to be nice as it has started off.  Lots of things to get done and my prayer is that it go smoothly.  My birthday is coming up and lots of businesses have sent me free lunches as a gift – I plan on getting a few of them.  It’s nice getting older, in a way.  Getting to know Art-thritus really well,  isn’t.


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