09/11/2012 Tuesday

Do you remember where you were on this eventful day?  I do.  May all those effected, please know WE WILL NEVER FORGET …

I saw the plane hit the second tower and all the soot falling … our skies in Dallas went silent.  A silence like I’ve never known.  This was on TV.  I can’t imagine what it was like to have been there seeing it live.  All I could do was pray for those.

Today I was planning to do my Chiro trip with my cousin who needed help really badly and a few little things like that.  It escalated from there.  She called early, trying to get out of going but I convinced her it was needed to improve.  She ran late and I had to drive the truck which hurts me to do.  Dr Raymond is so good, and always helps get my body back in alignment, even though there is some pain involved, I can walk better going out of his office, than going in.  As I was leaving, she was driving up in our little Ford.  She came over to the house afterwards and we were having tea when the City Code Enforcement gal came up.  She was really full of it.  Complaining, complaining, complaining.  She was Iranian.  Ticketed the truck and my car, saying they were an eye sore, but they were on my private property and stated she was positive my son was working as a business in a residential neighborhood.  NOT … she didn’t believe anything and took pictures as I told her she didn’t have my permission to be on my property.  She seemed shocked.  duhhhhh.  I really didn’t like this liar and wish she’d go to a very hot place n stay there, never to return … I called son who got very loud saying he was on his way home.  He had been given a Certified letter sent by Lori regarding the truck he bought from her son, paid, but not gotten the title yet.  She wants it back.  duhhhh, Tom Briggs said sue them.  John was at the Court House in Garland about that.  When he got home, we cleaned, & cleaned out back.  Had a tow truck pickup the Dodge Ram for tranny work, and tomorrow we’ll get my Mercury alignment done, insured, and the registration done so it can be driven.  There’s nothing she can do but it is costing me a pretty penny NOW… Wendel is coming to trim those trees she fussed about – 15 feet from the ground over the alleyway.  I’d told her she has a lot of work to do to make EVERYONE compliant if she’s going to pick on me …. I am disabled.  Wendel said she couldn’t sticker my vehicles on private property behind a fence like she did!  but she did… he’ll also pour the grass/weed killer in the side yard for me to kill all that stuff too.  Someone had to be calling in on us cause we’re not bothering anyone.  Janice just laughed.  Her car had gauges hanging out from under the hood and this gal said we were working on a car!!  I said it belonged to my cousin in the house – it had a light come on in the dash and ASE son was checking on it, she said “ahh ha!  you’re working on cars here!”  She was a real pain in the behind … she insisted I sign her forms, saying she’d be back tomorrow to be sure I’d done something about all these problems.  I’m calling an attorney in the morning too.  I posted about it on FaceBook too.

Lori texted son tonight that she’d contacted son’s exBoss and she wanted to talk to him.  Please call her….. I advised him not to  and to tell attorney in the morning.  This gal really just wants back in his life no matter what she has to do.

well, how was your day?  I’m ready for my nightly meds, I need them after today.

May all those who deserve the respect of 09/11 know I’ve been praying for your souls.  That was unnecessarily tragic.  RIP, we will never forget, nor forgive.




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