Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today I met my new Family Medical Practice assigned to me by Wellcare.  Interesting.  With leaving home, fear of the outside, migraine, screaming waiting room full of kids n sick ppl, I began crying when this nice trio of ladies began asking me about the MVA of 2000 and all my surgeries plus the divorce.  The lead gal interrupted me saying not to live in the past – well, I didn’t bring up the subject, she did, I just tried to answer her questions.  Then when I calmed down, I was sent for bloodwork, told I would have a new mammogram & pap done.  They’ll schedule me for those.  The blood lady was real good and very courteous.

Janice called me!  cousin I grew up with.  She and the greand baby loved the used clothes I found for the kid to go to school in.  Son got her car running again since that gal stole it n wrecked it.

Am really tired today.  Heat is high and so is pollen.

Email from Walmart about the new A/C unit I had to purchase.  Mine bit the dust.  I keep having to buy those things.  House just isn’t built to handle central so window units are best…


ttyl & be well.


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