September 3, 2012

It’s a beautiful warm morning here in Dallas, Texas.  The sun came up happy and clear.  The blue moon has been shining brightly, no clouds to impede the glowing so the full brightness can be seen as the light shines upon everything.  My furbabies love going outside at night at times like this and almost never bark cause they can see well.  I still turn on the porch light for them even though I bought inexpensive glo-collars for them so I can see them.  They are small dogs and love to wander off into corners to potty.  Modest little critters that they are, unless they feel bad, then they use this as a way to tell me “look at ME, I feel bad!”  Today, they feel real good and happy, just like our morning.

BamBam’s eyes are improving with the meds from the eye specialist so only the facial surgery/glacoma surgery will have to be done so she can see.  Verdel’s ear meds will stop his pain.  SueSue’s bladder infection is going away with the meds given for her.  She almost never gets sick but … so, they’ll all doing better, I had been fretting over my furbabies because they didn’t feel well, but lucky me, was able to get them help.  Thank the Lord.

Son is working on cousin’s car that was stolen, wrecked, recovered,  and now … well, let’s just say it is going to take a lot of work to look better and run safely.  It wasn’t totaled but … the Police took a very close look to see if the person killed anyone with it and they didn’t, but they’re still on the run.  Cousin knew them and had let them stay over (females, daughter & mother) cause they said they didn’t have a place at the moment.  The younger one robbed her, took the car and poof, gone in the night.  Looks to me like a set-up.  Cousin is being set-up more than once like this in the past few years and it seems to me she’d stop letting it happen…. One would learn from mistakes instead of just whining about them.  I pray it stop and this time is the last one.  All the people who were “helping her by renting a room” have suddenly left, after breaking into a safe she had inherited from her mother/dad, hidden in the garage.  She had never tried to get it open, but they did, while she whined or slept.  Makes me glad my Mom toughened me up – she never allowed me to have time to whine or wheeze.  I stayed exhaused and quiet, thanks to the YWCA classes which I did love.

The West Nile Virus is taking its toll here.  Lots of people are getting sick just from a mosquito bite, including me and son.  Not much we can do but the City is spraying and I’ve made sure we have no standing water.  I had son get greenery killer and plan to go around house, spray for anything not grass or ivy.  Any weed encourages mosquitoes growth so … it must go.  These are very tiny bugs, not bigger than pin head!  Vomiting, headaches, temperature, very miserable feelings go with it.  Elderly and babies are mostly infected.  Anyone considered ill health is in danger.  A dozen deaths in Dallas I’ve read about, probably more.  Temperatures are in the 100, so this is breeding range for them.  I look forward to winter but the Farmer’s Almanac isn’t forecasting a strong winter for the south, just a mild/wet one.  That’s not good for killing these things.

I am turning 65.  I feel like a mile stone is being reached.  My Medicare is effective now so I can go to the doctor.  A hugh hurdle is getting small.  Since the divorce I’ve had to go to a doctor using AmeriPlan and pay out the nose for care.  I’ve had two surgeries and am still paying on them.  One ER trip also.  My divorce attorney was going through cancer surgery at the time so didn’t give a hoot when I said I needed him to be sure to get me continued ins for a few years, yet he didn’t.  He told me I could buy COBRA.  Have you ever bought that, OMG… I couldn’t while just living on SSD.  Of course, exH told me he didn’t have any money to give me and it took 4 years to get anything as settlement, then that went to pay for the damages he had done to my home I inherited.  Never got the Savings Bonds his kids forged n cashed.  Nightmare times are over, thank God.  I don’t talk to exH anymore but God is my co-pilot.  I’ve been thinking about what I want to do to celebrate my 65th birthday since I have no one to really celebrate with anymore.  My son is always out doing something … My furbabies don’t understand and shouldn’t have cake.  I will give this more thought …  I do have a new doctor visit coming up, with NO CO-PAY, soon.  Time to do a real blood workup and find help for my nerve spasms left from the MVA.  My natural treatments aren’t working and I do miss the specialists I had been seeing and couldn’t afford to go to when the ins got cutoff.  With referrals, if it will help at this point in my life, I can see them again.  We’ll find out.  Happy birthday to me.  I hope to see 100, with luck.

Have a blessed day, know God is your best friend who won’t let you down, trust HIM.


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