September 1, 2012

G’d morning one n all! I’m taking it a little easy today…. Today being Sept 1, 2012 and my first day on Medicare B. It’s been a long time since I’ve been covered by an insurance plan. This past week, I think everyone who knows my name has sent me statements saying I owe them money for medical bills…. LOL, did you know I am made of money? I didn’t. If I hid, someone please remind me WHERE I hid it cause I must have had a quite serious brain fart. Thank God no one lit a match at the time cause I haven’t mailed off my cremation paperwork yet. Working on that… I like the idea of son just having to make a phone call and it’s all taken care of – no out of pocket costs. I started to take care of arrangements years ago and that H got all paranoid telling his mother I was plannin on killing him – LOL – for what? he had no ins/money! geeeze, get real…. I tried to laugh it off saying I drove men crazy by being so sexy. After awhile, it wasn’t funny.
I have plans on going to my Chiro early in the week, again. Helping the A/C skinny boy get my large unit into his SUV about did me in. My back/butt/etc is still complaining big time. Everything I have isn’t working, except the hydrocodone. That’s not good news. I do have a new doctor meet coming up on the 5th since I have a new Plan called Wellcare for an HMO. It even does a kickback on the cost of Medicare, can’t beat that!! Would someone please tell me where I go to ask Medicare to add liposuction to my plan – I really need that option with all these scars to get me this far in life (wouldn’t it be great?). I dream a little dream every now n then. Cheap thrills are addicting … I tried mowing yesterday and the furbabies are so happy. I didn’t fall so I am too.
Am in the market for a new window a/c unit. The one we bought off CL has bit the dust. The repairman says $600-700 to repair it. The lady who sold it to us is kind enough to refund our money but we still pay the service bill of $70 to find out about its problems of freezing up n whining that started after we had it installed. Bummer. Home Depot keeps lowering my limit so they’re taking themselves out of the market even though they send me promotions saying they’ll give me MONEY OFF to spend TODAY using the card … very contradicting option. HSN has a hugh unit, am looking for a sale on it, since I am frustrated with fritting with a a/c. 4 monthly pmts, no interest, del charge can’t seemed to be waived as I keep seeing an offer said … I emailed their CS who doesn’t seem to find the same site offers I find. hummmm and won’t offer the FREE S/H. Using my mrrebates dot com helps some. Ideas anyone? My house isn’t built for central air so window units are the best option to keep us cool and I do like the heating unit available in most of these, but will go straight a/c. 22K – 28K BTU is what I am searching for around Dallas to put in the wall in my den.
Got my 3 Genies in BRIGHT colors thru 1saleaday. How fun! now to get the sewing machine out so my personals don’t hand to my chest, but the good news is, there is something to catch the sweat under them. Makes me smile to know I am wearing bright PINK undies for some weird reason … wicked as a triple hot fudge sundae in the middle of the night!
Another cheap thrill is my new hair bows. They’re big, bright, pretty…. planning on ordering more to match my color changes each day. I may not go out but I can look pretty for GOD, I’m worth it. HE’s been so good to me.
Keep it simple and think peaceful – everything else will fall into place.
Sending love/hugs/prayers/kisses your way …


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