Posted in September 2012

09/30/2012 Sunday

G’d morning all,   My headset is from Radio Shack, but was about $40 + tax. It works fairly well unless a kid screams outside and then you can hear my furbabies all the way to the corner and only the mute button helps me…. I have a sign on my front door to “Keep … Continue reading

09/29/2012 Saturday

Good Morning. We’re up before GOD again…. I am coping with “family gossip” afterlash effects. It is hurting deeply and bringing gushes of heart breaking tears outta me. I will someday find peace again… meanwhile, I am fighting the urge to lash back at senseless words spoken from a person who just wasn’t thinking about … Continue reading

09/28/2012 Friday

what in the world are we doing up before GOD?   I even have coffee waiting on HIM …   Janice may have driven me nuts yesterday when she dropped by saying she’d locked herself out of the house.  Son went running over, with Tasha, and replaced the doorlock.  Also, she went with him to … Continue reading

09/27/2012 Thursday

Am still sloshing around in wet carpet here.  I think the plumber broke some pipes and didn’t want to admit it.  Looks like I am the one to be paying for it.  Something tells me I am a money cow this month … that’s not going over too well with me.   Son’s Dodge is … Continue reading

09/25/2012 Tuesday

Good morning America, I do associate myself with Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam” in some sense.  His energy, vigor for beliefs, sincerity in honesty, love of life… I just wish I had his wit.  I’m working on that.  He’s one of my favorite actors.  I was reading in my favorite chat site and found … Continue reading

09/20/2012 Wednesday

It’s been quite an exciting few days since I was here. Been fighting with my blood pressure something very seriously.  Nearly 200/180.  Have new doctor appointment tomorrow and I must admit, I am looking forward to it although, just getting things to settle down around here is the answer to most of it. Lori Castanada … Continue reading

09/13/2012 Thursday

Good morning! Today I got an email from AARP about all the Seniors having troubles and how we should be feeling sorry for them.  Well, I am among those.  It saddens me to realize how harsh it has gotten that I have to respond to them telling about:   Code Compliant came to my home … Continue reading

09/12/2012 Wednesday

G’d morning everyone. It’s a nice brisk clear morning here in Dallas. Birds chirping away, humming cars carrying folks off to work. Hump day. My thoughts are wishing my whiny assed neighbors would find another place to park their butts. Yesterday my thoughts were on the date, being respectful, and excellent Chiros n such, but … Continue reading

09/11/2012 Tuesday

Do you remember where you were on this eventful day?  I do.  May all those effected, please know WE WILL NEVER FORGET … I saw the plane hit the second tower and all the soot falling … our skies in Dallas went silent.  A silence like I’ve never known.  This was on TV.  I can’t … Continue reading

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today I met my new Family Medical Practice assigned to me by Wellcare.  Interesting.  With leaving home, fear of the outside, migraine, screaming waiting room full of kids n sick ppl, I began crying when this nice trio of ladies began asking me about the MVA of 2000 and all my surgeries plus the divorce.  … Continue reading