August 18, 2012

The moon must be in conflict with pluto.  All hell is breaking loose.

I got served yesterday with papers to go to court over an old credit card balance of just over $3K which they now have up to $4900 and rising.  This is an attorney who bought the nearly out of statue of limitations debt.  When I looked it up on creditkarma, he’s attached a debt thingy of 3 accts totally $15K for me to pay and climbing.  My good accts have been hard checking every few days and I think that’s to keep these bad guys off me since I am getting my cards paid off.  Tom Briggs just called.  Told him about it.  He said not to fret.  Collection agencies are doing this all over the country.  Had me read it to him.  He said the worst they could do is get a “lien” or something like that on me.  If I ever get rich, they could collect.  Otherwise, they’re just out of collecting from me and it goes on Court Records.  They can’t touch the house, IRA, or my money.  He said keep very little in there.  Once direct deposit is in it is open season.  They can call the bank and ask if a check will clear, if they know the account number, if the bank says yes, they can try to garnish.  SO …

I got my new Social Security card including Medicare card, which shows I have MED B.  As of Sept 1, I am officially on Med B, Wellcare is what I chose so I can go to the doctor without an office pmt now.  I am still paying off John’s MRI and a lot of other medical bills.

Janice’s car was stolen by a gal who was homeless and she let stay with her.  Janice got up one morning, she was gone and so was the car.  A few days later, Janice got a call saying the car had been seen abandoned in S Dallas.  She called John late last night to go get it.  He said it looked like it had been used to hit someone, possibly killing them, including a pole.  J wants to send it to the crusher or wrecking yard.  Son says it can be fixed with a lot of work.  It was her only transportation.  A good deed never goes unpaid.

I found illegal Mexicans needing work that Alex knows.  Paid them using IRA funds, to put flooring in the front bathroom.  It looks great now and you won’t get hurt using the room.  The a/c works right and doesn’t drip into the room.  It’ll take awhile to clean up the flower bed from all the trash they left behind.  But, overall, it was worth it.  Have the middle bathroom carpet down.  Looks ok, used scraps.  Wanted to do more but got scared about the suing stuff so stopped.

It’s begun to rain really hard so I am closing up shop for awhile.  I didn’t sleep well.  My arm/chest hurt really bad.  John was out getting Janice’s car, leaving here about midnight, hooking up at 1am, got back about 5am.  Oliver went with him.  I’ve been up most of the night.  I could pass for a walking zombie just looking in the mirror!  Good rest, good nightcreme to the rescue!!  This rain is sure going to be great for my rainbarrel getting filled!  and the cooler temperatures are a wonderful change to the triple digits we’ve been going thru.

The meds the new eye doctor gave me for BamBam are really working well.  She is moving her head around and following us.  She is seeing!  much happier baby.  I am so glad I took her.  Thank the Lord for the gamble I took and for Dr Shook giving me the referral and the new doctor for offering the free exam.  The meds cost me $60.  I’d not eat as well to improve her health.  She’s that important to me.  We’re friends.

My son told me, via the grapevine, that my exH’s youngest son got married.  She has children.  They’ve moved in with exH. LOL.  Seems his oldest son doesn’t want him to live with them and exH’s health should have someone around now.  Youngest son’s wife took exH’s gun collection and hocked them.  Also, used youngest son’s truck payment money to go buy clothes instead of making payments so truck was repo’d.  ExH refused to help buy another.  My my, isn’t Karma coming around?  I was good to this man while he poured acid down my pipes, screamed at me, refused to help me medically, told me to go to work n pay my own bills when I got disabled in a MVA.  Said I should “service him” yet I was vomiting from migraines. LOL, Karma exists, ladies and gentlemen.  Oh yes, be good to each other, you never know when you need that goodness back.  This man is seeing his needs not being met like I had to lay there and pray GOD send me someone to help me get to the hospital.  I heard he sued her and his son, but never recovered the guns.  There were a lot of them.  He didn’t need them anyway as he couldn’t hit the side of a barn!  (I remember one time when a possum attacked my BamBam.  He was watching TV in the den.  He saw it thru the window but ignored it.  I got my .25 pink pearl handle and walked past him.  One shot, picked her up, walking back in, asked him to get a trash bag n put that thing in it, I was on my way to the Vet.  He asked if it was dead.  All I said was yes.  He says, you only shot once!  I said, it only takes one when you aim right.  She’s hurt.  His eyes were very big and he didn’t say another word, just got trash bags.  The Vet gave her antibiotics, bandaged her up, and laughed really hard, calling me Annie Oakley.  She had a lot of gashes.  I really needed Valium.)

Share a smile, hug a furbaby, they are friends for life & are loyal.


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