Friday, July 13, 2012

I’ve been told many times that I should write things down and get them out of my system.  SO, here goes …

I got up this morning at 3:30AM to find all the power off in the entire neighborhood.  Furbabies sweating along side me.  Son seemed to be sleeping fine but did wake up really grouchy about 10am.  So much so, he threw the weather radio, totally smashing it, & tried to just pull it from the wall plug which brought out the ceramic containers for coffee/sugar/stuff.  The crashing sounds really brought me to the kitchen.  What a mess!  Then as I got the broom after accessing it was just another tantrum, he started complaining that I wasn’t giving him space, getting into this stuff, moving things around he didn’t want moved, and WHO was using the blower?!  all really too loud for me.  I had hired two people to blow/sweep my backyard.  Son had been using it for a workarea also, instead of just the far back part.  I have lost my “cute” look for a small yard so he can do his mobile ASE Tech work.  AND, he was the one whining loudly about not having any space.  He stormed out, again, startling the workers, a young but big boy and his mother who were raking.  The yard really does look good but could look better, and will with a little time and no more projects.  Son doesn’t PAY for any of the destruction he does, he just covers the cars n such… I have a Lincoln Mercury GrandPrix needing finish up so I can drive it.  Been waiting for over 2 yrs going on 3.  Using his little car does scare me since that’s the type I was driving when I became disabled in 2000.  I’m told don’t worry, I’ll get to it…. as time passes.  He also shouted about the vacaPackage of info I put on his bed to look over.  We had plans to go for a day in San Antonio on my 65th birthday.  Now he’s screaming about being afraid to fly, he’s not going, I didn’t give him time to think about it before I bought uncancelable tickets, blah blah blah.  This kid doesn’t appreciate me.  I cannot remember the last time he got me anything as a present.  That includes Christmas…. but he usually kisses me on the forehead as he heads out each morning but I’ve learned the hard way, don’t say/ask anything or it breaks his consentration up and he gets mean.  I wish I’d spanked him more but he was a sickly kid…

I got my M91p delivered.  I needed a new one and this looked like such a good deal.  Now I know why.  No monitor.  How in the he!! are you supposed to know/see what you are doing without a monitor.  IBM/Lenovo really should have been upfront instead of posting a picture with monitor and calloing this a All-In-One unit.  Went to TigerDirect and ordered monitors.  One for the new unit, one for the IBM Desktop I already had that still works but needs help.  I don’t want to get caught OFF-LINE since this has become my window to the world and won’t throw my stuff n break it.  It just passes around viruses so security of a different nature is needed.

Just finished the sweatwork with the yardpeople and showered – feels so nice to be clean and the place look pretty.  It is important to be to look nice cause I have the signs on the cars trying to sell my Herbalife products thru my website online only. I’ve had that site just about forever and it shows healthy if you look healthy, so the yard needs to look nice.

Classes in a few minutes – just little stuff to keep my brain from melting or molding.

Lunch first.



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